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1. Fill-In-The-Blank Bio Templates to Write Your Personal or Professional Bio
Written by: Barbra Sundquist | Distributed: | Word Count: 654 | Page Views: 122547
It's not hard to write a personal or professional bio when you use the fill-in-the-blank bio templates provided in this article. All you have to do is choose one or two sentences from each of the four categories and add your details. The result will be a first-rate personal or professional bio.

2. The Modern Soft Yellow Banana Evolved From The Cooking Banana As The Number One Fruit In The World
Written by: Patrick Malcolm | Distributed: | Word Count: 1431 | Page Views: 6448
The early Spanish explorers introduced banana plants into America from Spain as a hardcore, large cooking banana, known as a Plantain banana. The amazing yellow fresh eating banana, that we know today sold by supermarkets, resulted from a mutation from the hardcore tissues of the parent plantain banana plant, that was then growing in Jamaica.

3. The New Roth 401K And Contribution Limits For 2006
Written by: Daniel Lamaute | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1983
The 401(k) is undergoing its biggest change in 25 years. This year not only can you can put more money than ever before in your 401(k) but you can also add a Roth option.

4. Help Make Parenting Become a National Priority
Written by: Kerby T. Alvy, Ph.D. | Distributed: | Word Count: 250 | Page Views: 3586
Parents, teachers, heads of corporations and even the President of the United States are being urged to make effective parenting a national priority by signing a petition affirming the importance of advocating, celebrating and promoting effective parenting and parenting education.

5. Have You Prepared Your Child For The School Bully?
Written by: Patricia Gatto | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 813
Patricia Gatto, together with her husband, John De Angelis are the authors of MILTON'S DILEMMA, a 32-page children's book. Richly illustrated by Kenneth Vincent, this is the tale of a lonely boy and his struggles with the school bullies. With the help of a mischievous gnome, young Milton embarks on a magical journey to friendship and self-acceptance as he answers the question, 'Wouldn't it be great to get even?' with an emphatic 'no', not even in his dreams.

6. Federal Government Contracts Under $25,000 for Small Businesses
Written by: Robert Moment | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2381
Did you know that federal procurements under $25,000 don*t undergo the normal bidding process? That means that if you*re a small business selling products or services, landing a federal contract may be easier than you think.

7. The Future of the Office Photocopier Industry
Written by: Jennifer Robinson | Distributed: | Word Count: 635 | Page Views: 13450
Since Xerox first invented and sold the first commercial photocopy machine companies and organisations have paid for use of the machine on a cost per copy basis. This has traditionally included full maintainance and toner supplied under a service agreement. In-fact the office photocopier is unique in the fact its one of the only pieces of equipment that comes without a warranty from new. But photocopier expert Online Connect UK claim all that is about to change.

8. What You Need To Do To Avoid Burning Money On Advertising
Written by: Mark Silver | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 955
Advertising. Curse? Money hole? Or powerful venue? It seems so obvious: where else, for a few hundred dollars, could you get in front of thousands of people? And it's true that many of them are really wanting what you're offering. Unfortunately, the vast majority of advertising ends up being good to wrap fish in, and not much else.

9. Gain Muscle With Creatine
Written by: Masszymes (Matt Gallant) | Distributed: | Word Count: 1003 | Page Views: 3445
The supplementing of creatine can help gain muscle and increase the performance of athletes in some sports. The best way is to experiment with creatine and see if it has an impact on performance. Meanwhile, for the elite and heavily trained athletes, creatine can boost the gains from heavy training. But before you start using creatine perhaps you would like to know more about this supplement. You will find some answers to questions such as "Do creatine supplements effect hormone levels?', 'Is creatine a type of steroid?' and 'Does creatine make you fat?'

10. How To Avoid Being A Victim Of Crime
Written by: Gerald E. Veale | Distributed: | Word Count: 1036 | Page Views: 6649
This article is dedicated to keeping all of us aware of our surroundings and how we can learn to protect ourselves and our loved ones from criminal attacks by using all available resources. I will highlight awareness, tactics and technological advances as ways to make us all safer in our increasingly dangerous surroundings.

11. Life After Divorce
Written by: Margaret Manning | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1391
Sometimes I wake up and try to remember how I used to feel. Back when life had a shape, love had a focus, dreams a reality. I try to remember the feeling of my skin being touched, my heart being ignited like a fire catching the wind on a barren desert night. The electricity of a kiss. Storms of passion circle in my mind. I feel the pain rising to the surface and I sob bitter tears of regret, strong waves of shuddering emotion pulverize my shaking heart as I try to be a warrior in the face of negation. Grace under pressure. The courage to be is a lifeboat I cling to as the dark clouds swirl around my soul tearing away at the structures I have called home for years. The comforts of home, the basic necessities of heart and mind are turned inside out and I look at my world turned upside down.

12. Is Your Restaurant Being Robbed By The Busy Signal Bandit?
Written by: Rudy Vener | Distributed: | Word Count: 822 | Page Views: 3347
Be alert for an easily overlooked problem that can cost your restaurant sales.

13. QuickBooks® Accounting Software Consignment Inventory Case Study
Written by: Bonnie J Nagayama, CPA | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1664
Consignment Inventory is merchandise owned by the business but is physically located at another location. The challenge in this type of situation is to keep clean records of what is where while developing a system that will also result in accurate financial statements.

14. Learn How To Overcome Your Subconscious Mind To Improve Your Golf Game And Handicap
Written by: Winchel Blanc | Distributed: | Word Count: 1465 | Page Views: 3655
Obviously, the goal in golf is to get the ball into the hole, in as few strokes as possible. More important than learning a specific technique, to enable the possibility, is to understand the learning process in the game of golf. If you learn to hit the ball fast and straight the first time, then you will naturally lower your handicap. So, for those who are truly interested in improving their golf game, one should strive to make the first stroke hit its mark. This article will guide you through a different way of thinking about how to improve your golf game.

15. The Importance Of Memorizing The Times Tables
Written by: Susan Jarema | Distributed: | Word Count: 824 | Page Views: 27015
Students who have mastered multiplication gain a solid foundation in mathematics that will help them throughout middle school, high school and beyond. The following are the answer to common questions that parents ask in my multiplication workshops.

16. How To Find Work At Home Jobs For Work At Home Moms
Written by: Glen OReilly | Distributed: | Word Count: 1512 | Page Views: 4968
As the economy continues to tighten for many American families, more moms are looking to the Internet to find the extra money needed to help their families survive during this economically challenging time. The good news is that there are plenty of opportunities for the mom seeking to earn money from home... When you know where to find them... This article will show you where to find those work-at-home jobs and telecommuting jobs you desire...

17. How To Create A Balanced Picture
Written by: Cheryl Miller | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 798
Image is everything when it comes to your photographs. You can have the most expensive camera, and all the modern trimmings, but this will not make a difference to your picture. Only you the photographer can make the difference...

18. Gain Weight Naturally With Proteins
Written by: Chris Francis | Distributed: | Word Count: 667 | Page Views: 3667
In my last article, I talked about how I gained 12 pounds of muscle naturally in two months with a few simple lifestyle changes. But when it came to diet, I'll admit, I was pretty vague. So now I will get more specific on the different types of food I included in my diet, and when the best time to eat them is, to gain weight naturally.

19. How to Gain Muscle with Carbs
Written by: Chris Francis | Distributed: | Word Count: 563 | Page Views: 3238
Contrary to many of the health magazines we read, carbohydrates are vitally important when it comes to gaining muscle naturally. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for all body functions, cellular processes, thinking, breathing, and muscular exertion. People say many contradicting things about carbs but the truth is that carbs can be good and bad. And too many 'good' carbs can be bad!

20. How to Gain Muscle with Fats
Written by: Chris Francis | Distributed: | Word Count: 772 | Page Views: 3029
The scoop on fat is that just like carbs, good fats are good, bad fats are bad and too much of them - of anything really, is not good for you. Saturated fats are very important to gain solid muscle naturally, contrary to what many people think. And there are many cholesterol-containing foods that that tend to get a bad rap but they, too, are necessary for muscle growth. It is the hydrogenated, partially-hydrogentated, and trans-fatty acid fats that should be avoided at ALL costs.

21. Build Muscle by Producing More Blood Cells
Written by: Masszymes (Matt Gallant) | Distributed: | Word Count: 1079 | Page Views: 3767
It is logical to think that to build muscle you must workout, but you can also have a situation where you work hard and your muscle mass stays the same. If this happens to you, no need to be alarmed. This article will show you how to overcome this. You will learn that if you have been following the same workout regime for months, rested well and ate right without results, it might be because you are not having the compounds the body needs for building muscle. This specific compound is called blood. Indeed, muscle blood cells build muscle.

22. Increase Your Nutrient Absorption - Increase Your Muscle Mass
Written by: Asger Haug | Distributed: | Word Count: 968 | Page Views: 3809
Everyone needs nutrients to build muscle. Digestion is a hard energy demanding task for our bodies. Sometimes we eat in a way that actually strips away our nutrients. Discover the secrets of perfect digestion and absorption. The article contains information about how maximum digestion and assimilation of nutrients can be obtained through proper and right food combinations.

23. Gain Weight by Using Your Brain
Written by: Asger Haug | Distributed: | Word Count: 1300 | Page Views: 3824
If you have problems gaining weight or if you're looking for a way to gain weight faster, you need to read this article. Your nervous system, and the way you use it, has tremendous power over your bodily functions taking place at this very moment. Let's take a look at what might have been preventing you from getting the results you want and how to get what you want.

24. 3 Surefire Ways to Build Muscle and Get Lean
Written by: Rochelle Moreno | Distributed: | Word Count: 858 | Page Views: 3374
People make building muscle and losing fat much more difficult than it has to be - it's not complicated. It's just a simple formula in need of minor adjustments - calories in + calories out = weight loss or weight gain. This article reveals 3 surefire ways you can build muscle and get lean.

25. How To Use The Most Powerful Force In Selling To Magnetize Customers To Your Product Or Service!
Written by: Dan Lok | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 2168
What is the most powerful, irresistible, GUARANTEED way to get customers interested in your product or service? Did you guess 'low price'? Wrong. Do you think it's 'free?' Try again. 'Guaranteed'? Sorry -- wrong again. The answer is simple, but some of the most brilliant copywriters in the world aren't 'keyed in' to this #1 consumer magnet, so don't feel bad if you don't know what I'm talking about... yet. You will. The fact is...

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