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1. New Year's Goal Setting and Math Add Up to Higher Grades for Students!
Written by: Susan Jarema | Distributed: | Word Count: 1473 | Page Views: 3153
Math provides the perfect opportunity for goal-setting lessons: its aims are realistic, obtainable, measurable and can be broken down into smaller goals or tasks. Developing goal-setting skills will help students learn how to manage their time, make better decisions and take ownership of their own academic progress

2. Another Reality Tv Show Or A Reality Check?
Written by: Geela | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 498
These days there is a growing trend towards reality TV shows that are based on external shallow values. With the appeal of junk food, it has a powerful hypnotic effect even on the strongest minds. But while reality TV may seem like a harmless form of entertainment, the damage (which is done so subtly) is very powerful and therefore it deserves a closer look. So the question is 'Do we really need another reality TV show or perhaps it's time for a reality check?'

3. Why Food Allergies and a Leaky Gut Can Make You Fat
Written by: Mark Hyman, MD | Distributed: | Word Count: 780 | Page Views: 3935
Want to get rid of your gut? Then you need to fix your gut. You see, your gut has an immune system. And when bugs in your digestive tract upset that immune system, you gain weight.

4. Project Management Gone Wrong
Written by: Heather Villa, CMA, MBA, MSM | Distributed: | Word Count: 864 | Page Views: 5088
The following are true stories of project management gone terribly wrong. Only the details and the names have been changed to protect the guilty. These stories were collected from colleagues who work on projects in large and small organizations in varying industries.

5. 3:10 to Yuma...Lessons Learned
Written by: Clinton Douglas IV | Distributed: | Word Count: 1218 | Page Views: 6122
Before we begin, let's start with a quote from one of my favorite people. "I do not think there is any other quality so essential to success of any kind as the quality of perseverance. It overcomes almost everything, even nature." - J.D. Rockefeller

6. Why Aren't You Using LinkBait?
Written by: Kim Roach | Distributed: | Word Count: 1109 | Page Views: 4115
You've heard of the olden days when people would hunt for potential link partners. Well, those days are long gone and smart web masters are moving on to greater things, while decreasing their reciprocal link building effort.

7. Book Authors: How To Sell More Books And Get Your Publisher Active
Written by: Bill Platt | Distributed: | Word Count: 1871 | Page Views: 53557
It is an unfortunate reality that most people who write books believe that their publisher will always put their best foot forward, to promote their book. In the real world, it does not quite work that way.

8. Fourth Of July Flowers
Written by: Wesley Berry, AAF | Distributed: | Word Count: 429 | Page Views: 7514
Your Fourth of July celebration could begin and end with a real bang when you use flowers to accent and decorate the day. If you're thinking you need to stick with the traditional red, white, and blue carnation arrangements you normally see on Independence Day, think again! Flowers come in so many varieties and they're so easy to customize to the occasion that the possibilities are endless.

9. Who's Afraid Of Nicole Kidman
Written by: Deborah Weingrod | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 498
A tall elegant redhead, Nicole Kidman, who has appeared often as a blonde or a brunette is the films she has graced with her incredibly subtle performances. While she tries to choose good scripts, her fans nevertheless will watch anything she’s in...

10. Leadership Like White-Water Canoeing
Written by: Brent Filson | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 647
Despite the fact that globalization has forced leaders to transform the way they do business, many of them are nonetheless engaged in outmoded methods of leadership. These methods are centered on the “order” way of leading, which relies on directing people to accomplish tasks. But because order-leadership requires hierarchical dynamics of command and communication, it founders in an environment of rapid change. New ways of leading must be developed to enable businesses to thrive in the today’s storms of historic change. Such leadership involves not ordering people to do tasks but having those people “want to” do the task. Its when people “want to” that they become highly adaptive and competitive. Such leadership has three principle qualities. It is motivational, action-based, and results-driven. Filson examines these principles in this blue print for new leadership action.

11. Fill-In-The-Blank Bio Templates to Write Your Personal or Professional Bio
Written by: Barbra Sundquist | Distributed: | Word Count: 654 | Page Views: 116627
It's not hard to write a personal or professional bio when you use the fill-in-the-blank bio templates provided in this article. All you have to do is choose one or two sentences from each of the four categories and add your details. The result will be a first-rate personal or professional bio.

12. The Questions Behind The Questions
Written by: Robert Middleton | Distributed: | Word Count: 716 | Page Views: 2763
One of the greatest confusions in talking about, and marketing, professional services is that we tend to answer the questions about our services at face value.

13. 13 Crucial Tools Every Successful Bartender Must Have!
Written by: Jeremy B. Sherk | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1088
There are countless bartending tools out there. Will you use them all? No. But there are certain tools that every bartender must have. In this first lesson, we'll be taking a look at those 'must-have' tools so pay close attention.

14. Article Marketing Tips: How Consumers Read Your Articles
Written by: Bill Platt | Distributed: | Word Count: 1278 | Page Views: 3334
If you want to understand what makes one article marketer successful, while many more achieve poor results, then consider this 6-step process designed to help you understand how to make your article marketing more effective.

15. Website Traffic Generation: Winning the Love of the Traffic Fairy
Written by: Bill Platt | Distributed: | Word Count: 1149 | Page Views: 4427
Some people still believe that all they have to do is build a website and customers will magically appear on their site... Once they have built their websites, they wait anxiously for the "Traffic Fairy" to come and sprinkle its magic dust on their website too, so that they can make lots of money like other success website owners.

16. Gain Muscle With Creatine
Written by: Masszymes (Matt Gallant) | Distributed: | Word Count: 1003 | Page Views: 3323
The supplementing of creatine can help gain muscle and increase the performance of athletes in some sports. The best way is to experiment with creatine and see if it has an impact on performance. Meanwhile, for the elite and heavily trained athletes, creatine can boost the gains from heavy training. But before you start using creatine perhaps you would like to know more about this supplement. You will find some answers to questions such as "Do creatine supplements effect hormone levels?', 'Is creatine a type of steroid?' and 'Does creatine make you fat?'

17. Building Your Self Esteem and Confidence
Written by: Julie Plenty | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 981
When it comes to building self esteem and confidence, don't think self improvement, think self development. What's the difference? If you regard personal development as improvement, it suggests that something in you needs to be *fixed*.

18. Pet Sitting Business is Thriving
Written by: Ian White | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1715
The Pet Sitting business is booming internationally. In the United States alone there are upwards of 63.2 million individuals who own a pet, or two. Reports tell us that in America there are roughly 64 million dogs and 76 million cats in households. These numbers support why the Pet Sitting Business is on an upward swing.

19. The Non-Random Walk Theory - Persistency
Written by: Damian Campbell | Distributed: | Word Count: 0 | Page Views: 1794
Non-Random price behavior is not a myth. It exists and if you are not exploiting it you should be. Here is a closer look...

20. The Importance Of Memorizing The Times Tables
Written by: Susan Jarema | Distributed: | Word Count: 824 | Page Views: 26711
Students who have mastered multiplication gain a solid foundation in mathematics that will help them throughout middle school, high school and beyond. The following are the answer to common questions that parents ask in my multiplication workshops.

21. Gain Weight Naturally With Proteins
Written by: Chris Francis | Distributed: | Word Count: 667 | Page Views: 3532
In my last article, I talked about how I gained 12 pounds of muscle naturally in two months with a few simple lifestyle changes. But when it came to diet, I'll admit, I was pretty vague. So now I will get more specific on the different types of food I included in my diet, and when the best time to eat them is, to gain weight naturally.

22. How to Gain Muscle with Carbs
Written by: Chris Francis | Distributed: | Word Count: 563 | Page Views: 3113
Contrary to many of the health magazines we read, carbohydrates are vitally important when it comes to gaining muscle naturally. Carbohydrates are the main source of energy for all body functions, cellular processes, thinking, breathing, and muscular exertion. People say many contradicting things about carbs but the truth is that carbs can be good and bad. And too many 'good' carbs can be bad!

23. How to Gain Muscle with Fats
Written by: Chris Francis | Distributed: | Word Count: 772 | Page Views: 2899
The scoop on fat is that just like carbs, good fats are good, bad fats are bad and too much of them - of anything really, is not good for you. Saturated fats are very important to gain solid muscle naturally, contrary to what many people think. And there are many cholesterol-containing foods that that tend to get a bad rap but they, too, are necessary for muscle growth. It is the hydrogenated, partially-hydrogentated, and trans-fatty acid fats that should be avoided at ALL costs.

24. Build Muscle by Producing More Blood Cells
Written by: Masszymes (Matt Gallant) | Distributed: | Word Count: 1079 | Page Views: 3603
It is logical to think that to build muscle you must workout, but you can also have a situation where you work hard and your muscle mass stays the same. If this happens to you, no need to be alarmed. This article will show you how to overcome this. You will learn that if you have been following the same workout regime for months, rested well and ate right without results, it might be because you are not having the compounds the body needs for building muscle. This specific compound is called blood. Indeed, muscle blood cells build muscle.

25. Increase Your Nutrient Absorption - Increase Your Muscle Mass
Written by: Asger Haug | Distributed: | Word Count: 968 | Page Views: 3612
Everyone needs nutrients to build muscle. Digestion is a hard energy demanding task for our bodies. Sometimes we eat in a way that actually strips away our nutrients. Discover the secrets of perfect digestion and absorption. The article contains information about how maximum digestion and assimilation of nutrients can be obtained through proper and right food combinations.

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